CFF01 particle is film-grade biodegradable plastic resin with milky white appearance. It is based on PBAT and PLA. The resin has good processing stability under minimized thickness 8um. The resin has good antistatic performance and good coloring performance. The blown film made by CFF01 has good transparency property, high gloss. It is easy to absorb moisture, easy to be decomposed.

Typical Material Properties
Properties Standard Unit Value
MFR ISO1133 g/10min(190℃; 2.16Kg) 3~5
Density ISO1183 g/cm3 1.23~1.25
Tensile Strength ISO527 MPa ≥25
Elongation ISO527 % ≥400
Processing Condition Unit Value
Pre-drying Temperature 60~80
Time Hr 4~6
Cylinder     Temperature  Rear 130~150
Center 180~190
Front 180~190
Mould 180~190
Typical Film Properties(20um Thick Film)
Properties Standard Unit Value
Tensile Strength TD ISO527 MPa ≥30
MD ISO527 MPa ≥40
Elongation TD ISO527 % ≥450
MD ISO527 % ≥250
Right-angle Tearing Strength ISO527 kN/m ≥130
Heat Seal Strength ISO527 N/15mm ≥10


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