PLA is a biobased polymer derived from natural resources and offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics. PLA 02 is a high viscosity, low flow, amorphous, transparent PLA resin suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming.


PLA 02
Physical Properties Method Typical Value
Density Literature value 1.24g/cm3
Optical Purity  %Isomer >99% L 
MFI  ISO 1133-A(190/2.16Kg) 10~20
Melting Temperature DSC 170~180
Glass Transition Temperature DSC 55~60
Mechanical Properties  Method Typical Value
Tensile Modulus ISO 527-1 3500MPa
Tensile Strength ISO 527-1 50MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 527-1 <5%
Charpy Notched, 23 ISO 179-1eA <5kJ/m2
Heat Deflection Temp., Amorphous ISO 75-1 55~60


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